Euconulus fulvus (Müller 1774) - (Brown Hive Snail)


The foot of this snail happens to very long and very slender.

Euconulus fulvus(Müller 1774)  anus opening is located near the right eye.

The snail also has a large finger-like appendix on it's penis.

Additionally, the spermatheca, which is the organ that's responsible for storing the males sperm is located on a very short channel in the reproductive tract.

All information on this page collected from (Pilsbry, 1939-1948).

To see some amazing photographs of Euconulus fulvus (Müller 1774) snails check out the Gallery page or continue to the References page for other resources to further your exploration and learning about Euconulus fulvus (Müeller 1774) snails.


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