Euconulus fulvus (Müller 1774) - (Brown Hive Snail)


Like many other pulmonates, land snails and slugs that use a lung to breathe air, Euconulus fulvus (Müller 1774) are a monoeious organism, which means they posses both male and female sex organs.  These snails participate in internal fertilization and more specifically copulation, which is the union of sex organs for insemination. Additionally these snails possess very complex reproductive systems.

However, this process is not the same in all land snail species. Take for example prosobranchs or land snails and slugs that rely on the use of gills to breathe air; these snails are generally dioecious organism. These types of snails have separate mail and female snails, thus meaning they participate in cross-fertilization.  Crosse fertilization is the process in which one specific sex of an organism either male or female fertilizes an organism opposite sex with a sperm cell. Yet, in some prosobranches a type of self-fertilization has been observed, allowing these select snails to carry their eggs with them until birth (Gomez 2001).


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