Euconulus fulvus (Müller 1774) - (Brown Hive Snail)

Meaning of Scientific Name:

Euconulus fulvus (Müller 1774)  is the scientific name for this particular snail. All known living organisms are given a name that is derived from either Latin or Greek meaning . This is for the mere purpose of keeping things consistent and universal for everyone who is studying, researching and discovering organisms. This particular snail, Euconulus fulvus  (Müller 1774), gets its name from two roots. First off the genus name Euconulus, which comes from the Greek word conulus, meaning "real little cone". The second part of the name the species name, fulvus, comes from the Latin noun fulvus, meaning "tawny, reddish yellow, gold colored, or deep yellow." (Whitney, 1911 ; Gordh, 2001)

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