Terrestrial snails have many interactions with other animals. These animals may include other species of snail, predators, and prey. In some snail species interaction with another snail may mean being a predator, or worse prey. Terrestrial snails may be carnivorous and prey on other snails, however some land snails only interact with other snails in order to reproduce.
Snails also become prey to parasites. Many parasites use snails as an intermediate host. These parasites include nematodes and mites.
There are vertebrates that prey on land snails as well. Some kinds of vertebrates that prey on terrestrial snails include turtles, mice, and turkeys. Even humans are a predator of snails. Humans harvest snails in order to eat their visceral mass (Hotopp, 2005).

Snail Interaction

Snail on Snail Interactions