Triodopsis vulgata- Dished Three-tooth Bio 210


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I am currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse.  I am in the Pre-Med program, majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish.  My future career goal is to attend medical school and be a pediatrician.  During my college education, I have been on the LC Hip Hop team and participated in activities such as Relay for Life with my team.  I have been dancing since I started high school until I decided to quit dance this year to focus on my studies.  Although I was assigned this species I learned some interesting information that I had never known before.  Not only did I learn about this species but others in the same class and phylum.  I'm excited to say the next time I encounter a snail I will be a lot more hands on!  If you would like to learn more information about other species of all different animals visit the multiple organisms website. 

I would like to thank Bill Frank and Marla Coppolino for allowing me to use their pictures for the making of this website, without them the site wouldn't be nearly as interesting!

I hope you enjoyed all the wonderful information I have put together for you, if you would like to contact me with comments or questions please e-mail me at the address I have listed below, thank you!



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