Triodopsis vulgata- Dished Three-tooth Bio 210




The home of the Triodopsis vulgata includes areas of damp heavily forested areas and dry sides of ravines.  A more specific name for the type of forest that this species seems to inhabit is a mesic forest.  This is a term used to describe the amount of water present in a habitat.  A mesic forest has a balanced supply of moisture. (Nekola, 2009)


This makes the forests in states such as Mississippi, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois perfect habitats for this little creature.  In states such as Virginia and West Virginia, this species is more common towards the north of the state.  There is also evidence that T. vulgata live in Alabama (Waggoner, 2006).  Another state this species was recently discovered an inhabitant of is Tennessee (Dourson, 2006).  Although the dished threetooth can endure high arid temperatures, during the day you will most likely find them under fallen leaves and in shaded areas under trees. (Nekola, 2009)

Image of Mesic habitat from



Many may think that the snail cannot be endangered but this is not a true statement.  Despite the fact that there are only a few threats, they are still present and the species is at risk.  At this time the only threats Triodopsis vulgata is facing is habitat loss and/or fire endangerment of these forests. (Nekola, 2009)

Image of Triodopsis vulgata by Bill Frank




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