Hannah Mello-Bio 210



So how do you know when you've found one of these little critters?

 As you can see in the photo to the left, the shell of Zoogenetes
is a dark, glossy olive green. It has a rounded top and an
oval opening. Zoogenetes harpa does not reach beyond 3.25 mm
in length and 2.5 mm in diameter, allowing over 60 to fit within a
bottlecap (Pilsbry 1940)! This allows it to fill a unique niche in their
habitat because they can function in a very small environment .
They also lack an operculum (Hickman
et al. 2009).

     While not pictured above, the head and  mantle of Zoogenetes harpa is gray in color while the foot is white. Occular stalks are darker than either of these (LivingLandscapes).

     A dark green, inconspicuous appearance is something that allows this organism to hide in its surroundings. Because it is small and does not have other ways to escape or deter predators, this helps Zoogenetes harpa avoid being eaten.