I await in the trenches.. to overwhelm, to destroy.....

                                                                            I am Fossaria obrussa...  



imagtree of life

This is a picture depicting a general tree of life. es/Thumbs.db

 Their common name is the Golden Fossaria but literally translated Fossaria  means ditch, trench, channel or moat and, obrussa means to overwhelm or to destroy.  (free online latin to english translator 2011)

Why is this snail in each of these categories? What differentiates the animals in these categories to make them unique?

Domain: Eukarya    
The organisms in this classification all have membrane bound organelles.
(Hickman et al. 2009)

Kingdom: Animalia
These organisms are all multi cellular and their cells are capable of performing all the functions of life. They are also heterotrophs, which means that can not make the nutrients necessary for life so they need to ingest other nutrients from other sources.
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Phylum: Mollusca
The organisms in this classification have a mantle that is used for breathing, it protects the nervous system, and aids in excretion. Most of the animals here have an exterior shell but some do have an internal shell.
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Class: Gastropoda
The organisms in the classification gastropoda, which literally means " the stomach footed". Most of the organisms here have a shell large enough for them to completely withdraw inside it.
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Order: Bassomatophora
Most of these organisms are air breathing freshwater snails, they have eyes located at the base of their tentacles and they also lack an operculum.
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Family: Lymnaeidae
These organisms are freshwater snails and have eyes at the base of their tentacles. They are flat, wide and triangular. Their shells are right handed.
(Animal Diversity Web)

Genus: Fossaria
They are widely distributed fresh water pulmonate snails, which are important intermediate hosts for liver flukes.
(free online medical dictionary)

Species: Fossaria obrussa


The above picture is of a Fossaria obrussa shell.