I await in the trenches.. to overwhelm, to destroy.....

                                                                            I am Fossaria obrussa...  



new picure
 The dots represent everywhere the Fossaria obrussa have been found in the USA.

Fossaria obrussa are an air breathing semiaquatic fresh water snail that are found in ponds, creeks, ditches and shallow lakes all over the USA, and Canada. They can inhabit oligotrophic (poor nutrient quality), mesotrophic (medium nutrient quality) or eutrophic (high nutrient quality) habitats that are at or above the waterline. It was also said that they can easily live in ponds that are unable to support any other gastropods or vegetation ( FWGNA)! Wow, talk about resilient and important! Aquatic environments are essential for the snail because they are susceptible to harsh environmental conditions which may cause it to lose water. Water is essential for a healthy shell, which serves as protection for the snail(Animal Web Guide).  Water is also the main constituent of mucus which the snail uses to aid in locomotion(Carnegie Museum of National History). If conditions become inhospitable snails can hibernate (also called Torpor)  until the conditions become more favorable (i.e.drought and winter seasons) (Hickman et al. 2009).algae covered pond
The picture above shows one type of habitat where a  Fossaria obrussa would reside.
The above picture is of an actual Fossaria obrussa shell.