I await in the trenches.. to overwhelm, to destroy.....

                                                                            I am Fossaria obrussa...  



The above picture is of a Fossaria obrussa shell.


Fossaria obrussa has a status of N5(which means that the population is stable) in the USA. The reason it has this rating is because it can be found basically in any state, from the north to the south and east to the west(Nature serve Explorer online Encyclopedia of life).
Snails can be good indicators of the level of pollution because they store the pollutants that have been ingested in their tissues(CMNH).
As mentioned previously the snail is an intermediate host for trematode infections     (Hickman et al. 2009)
Snails can live in a variety of uninhabitable environments ( i.e. the new ponds that could not support any other life) (FWGNA).
 A snail can go into summer torpor ( or hibernation) if drought like conditions are present(Hickman et al. 2009)