Well hello and welcome to the (Random) Facts page. These are just some cool tid-bits of information we thought you might want to know. Shall we begin?

As we've shown you in our Classifications page, Fumonelix orestes belongs to the Order Stylommatophora. As stated in National Geographic News, common to this order, "love darts" are used during reproduction. The snails shoot off calcareous "darts" at the snails they want to copulate with as part of a courtship ritual. The snails reproduce with whoever shot them with the most "love darts." This is thought to have been where the myth of Cupid came about (National Geographic 2012). Unfortunately, Fumonelix orestes does not use such a method in courtship. See the Reproduction section for more details.

Encyclopedia of life further elaborates on the love dart status and classifications for F. orestes in stating that the family Polygyridae do not have love darts, which is why F. orestes do not either as that feature was lost, and another feature that sets Polygyridae apart from the rest would be the ridges in the mouth (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012).

An other interesting fact about snails is that they have two sets of tentacles on their faces, one set are used for sight and the other is used for taste and smell (Purchon, 1968).






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