To start off, all snails are hermaphroditic, so each individual snail has both male and female parts of reproduction.  Snails don’t have genders, so every other snail is a candidate for mating.  Since they possess both parts, both snails do both jobs at once during mating.  According to, Snails must mature two years, before the snail can reproduce (Bio-expedition).  They, also, explain that land snails don’t have the ability to hear, so they use the sense of touching in the process of courtship.  Some snails cover themselves in slime, in order to increase their reproductive success.  (Bio-expedition)
Frank Baker explains that the land snails of the family Polygridae reproduce through laying eggs (Baker 1939).  They will normally lay their eggs somewhere that is protected from sun’s rays, such as under a log, or under the soil (Baker 1939).  After about 20 to 30 days, the eggs will hatch and young snails will begin their lives (Baker 1939).