According to Cleveland P. Hickman, Jr., most pulmonates are mostly herbivores, but they sometimes will include earthworms and other snails in their diet (Hickman 2012)Fumonelix orestes is considered part of the group pulmonata, because Fumonelix orestes develops lungs instead of gills.  Snails all possess a special feeding device called a radula (Hickman 2012).  The radula is the most important part for feeding in gastropods.  The radula, also, has other uses other than feeding such as part of the act of mating.
As describing by Hickman, the radula is a rasping, protrusible, tongue-like organ (Hickman 2012).  The radula is essentially a tongue-like membrane with backward teeth that is used by gastropods as a primary feeding tool.  In pulmonates, the radula is used to scrape food, such as plant material, off objects (Hickman 2012).  According to Gary M. Barker, most polygrids live under dead logs, leaves, and stones (Barker 1939).  Their diet is of micro fungi residing on leaf litter in forests (Barker 1939).   Most polygrids have a small, spheroidal buccal mass, and also their odontognathic jaw is strongly ribbed, with tooth-shaped lower margin (Barker 1939).