Fumonelix orestes is native to the United States and, more specifically, can only be found in North Carolina (Encyclopedia of Life, 2011).  According to Finnegan, a vertebrate zoologist, and the rest of the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program staff, F. orestes can be found amongst spruce and fir trees in addition to the northern hardwood forests and the Plott Balsam mountains.  F. orestes is considered to be prevalent to the mountains in particular, well, as prevalent as they can be considering they are a critically imperiled species. It is thought that there are only one to five existing populations left in North Carolina. F. orestes also speckle the Coastal Plain, specifically the southwestern area and tide water areas, places that are close to the ocean. Other animals native to North Carolina and that are also on the endangered list are the Star-nosed Mole (Condylura cristata), which live in the plains and in the moist environments such as swamps and bogs in South Carolina, and the Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus coloratus) which inhabit spruce-fir forests at high elevations (Finnegan, 2010).

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