The importance of land snails is very great when it comes to ecosystem sustainability.  They are an important food source for many larger animals and provide calcium to a variety of animals.  Small animals, such as shrews and mice, use snails as a source of food (Dourson, Dourson 2006).  Some salamanders, also, include land snails in their diets (Dourson, Dourson 2006).  Lastly, a variety of birds consume land snails for nutrients.  Wild turkey and grouse as well as a variety of song birds are predators of land snails (Dourson, Dourson 2006).  The calcium carbonate found in snail shells are critical for female bird in their production of eggs (Hammes 2002).  The red eft, in particular, is a predator of snails that live in the Great Smokey Mountain region that the Fumonelix orestes is found (Dourson, Dourson 2006).


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