Domain: Eukarya
  -The characteristics of a member of Eukarya have a true nucleus as well as membrane bound organelles (Biology online 2008).

Kingdom: Animalia
    -The characteristics of a member of Animalia are classified by their lack of cell wall, and that they are multicellular     and heterotrphic (Biology online 2005).

Phylum: Arthropoda
    -The characteristics of a member of the Arthropoda are that they have a segmented body and bilateral symmetry (Biology online 2005).

Class: Insecta
    -Some characteristics of a member of the Insecta class are two pairs of wings, three pairs of legs, and that they undergo metamorphosis (Biology online 2000).

Order: Diptera
    -Diptera, also known as "the true flies" have certain characteristics such as large compound eyes, short simple antennae and one pair of membranous wings (Biology online 2005).

Family: Oestridae
    -Family Oestridae contains a subclass called Hypodermatinae which includes parasitic flies known as Warble Flies.  They typically spend their larval stages in the skin of mammals (Gordh and Headrick 2001).

Genus: Hypoderma
    -In latin Hypoderma
means beneath.  A characteristic of this is the larvae sitting beneath the skin of the cattle or mammal (Gordh and Headrick 2001).

Species: Hypoderma bovis
The common name for this is a Warble Fly. In Latin bovis means cow which is why the Hypodermis bovis mainly resides in North American cattle (Gordh and Headrick 2001).

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