The  Hypoderma bovis can usually be found between 25 and 60 degrees latitude in the Northern Hemisphere (Sanchez-Arroyo 2011). Generally it is found along the 35th parallel (Merck & Co Inc 2011). It can be found in North America, Asia, Africa as well as Europe.  It is most prevalent in North America and the fly has been noted in an area ranging form Northern Mexico to Northern Canada (Sanchez-Arroyo 2011).

The Hypoderma bovis has a habitat inside a hosts body, mostly cattle on the hair shafts but sometimes humans. This fly is usually found on farms, either in cattle stalls or in the fields. 

For the winter months the warble fly is found inside the cattle burrowing.

During spring the larvae is found popping out of the cattle as well as on the ground waiting to mature.

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