Warble flies add to the decrease and damage of hide production (Defera, 2011). This loss is very high in some countries and can be devastating to the market. Tiny holes in the hide are a result of the flies larvae creating holes to breath and eventually existing out of to fall out and grow (Berube, 2007).


The fly creates a buzzing noise (Latif 2010).  Behavior change in cattle can be attributed to this disturbances.

After the fly has burrowed, a green/yellow gelatinous mass is formed on the damaged skin of the back. This is called "Butcher Jelly" when found because it results in the meat being inedible (Latif 2010).


Different types of insecticides can be used to treat an infestation of the Bot Fly.  There are methods such as spraying with systemic insecticides, spraying with contact insecticides, pour-on and spot-on treatments (Khan 2001). 


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