Domain: Eukarya
    (an organism whose cells contain contain complex structures within membranes)

        Kingdom: Animalia
            (comprised of all living and extinct animals)

                Phylum: Arthropoda
                    (characterized by having an exoskeleton, segmented body, compound eyes, jointed
                        legs, and specialized mouth parts)

                        Class: Insecta
                            (characterized by having three pairs of jointed legs and a body separated into a
                                 head, thorax, and abdomen)

                                Order: Diptera
                                     (order of insects characterized by having two sets of wings, compound eyes,
                                        sucking mouth parts, and simple antennae)

                                        Family: Asilidae
                                            (typically referred to as robber flies)

                                                Genus: Promachus

                                                        Species: Promachus vertebratus

Picture of a perched male Promachus vertebratus, taken from

To go a step further...
    Latin Meaning:
        Promachus: one who leads in battle, champion, giant
: arranged in a manner suggestive of vertebrate, ribs, having jointed segments

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