Promachus vertebratus have been observed primarily in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota (Forbes S. 1922). Ultimately, they are limited to the Midwest area of North America. Because they live in this region, they are subjected to the typical four seasons, while being dormant in the winter.

Map displaying the habitat (indicated by the dark grey) of this robberfly

Map of Midwest region of North America: Grey areas indicate the habitat of Promachus vertebratus
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     This species can be found in open grasslands, deciduous forests, and even urban areas such as abandoned farms or shelters. Because it is such a territorial species, it will typically stay in a general area for the majority of its life. Other organisms that are typically found in their habitat include grasshoppers, honeybees, wasps, bees, dragonflies, beetles, and other flies (Mahr S 2009). Overall, the most common interaction you could have with this species, would be in an open grassland, or on the outskirts of a forest, buzzing around loudly.

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