How has the komodo dragon adapted to obtain its food?

The komodo dragon walks on four legs. At the end of its feet are long sharp claws used for capturing prey. To help capture prey as well the komodo dragon has a strong jaw and razor sharp teeth. In order to capture their the prey, komodo dragons have adapted the ability to run (up to 15 mph). This is useful because their main source of food is deer. The komodo dragon also has the ability to re-grow teeth many times.

The islands also have a limited amount of deer and other food sources. To make sure that the deer stay around the komodo dragon is able to survive with only 1/10 the food quantity that is required for mammal hunters! This adaptation makes it so food doesn't become too scarce.


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How do komodo dragons survive the temperatures?

Komodo dragons have adapted the ability to regulate their body temperatures. If they are cold they bask in the sun, whereas if they are warm they go into the shade to cool their bodies down.

Other adaptation information...

Komodo dragons can hear and see, but they use their tongue as their main sense. Their forked tongue allows them to "smell" the air for deer in the area or for dead animals as well.

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