What does the Komodo dragon eat?

The komodo dragon is a carnivore and a cannibal. There are many food options for the komodo dragon. The deer on the island are it's primary option, however they also consume birds, snakes, fish, crabs, snails, pigs, water buffalo, eggs, wild horses, smaller, younger komodo dragons and in some cases humans. The komodo dragon will also eat carrion (this is dead, decaying and rotting meat).

Dr. Kal Muller

How does the komodo obtain it's food?

The komodo dragon obtains its food by killing its prey items. The dragon has vicious teeth and claws that helps for the attack as well as for holding on to the prey item. There are also numerous amounts of bacteria in the saliva of the komodo dragon that helps in killing the prey if it happens to escape.

Other nutrition facts...

The komodo dragon has a closed circulatory system. It is similar to the circulatory system in other reptiles. The heart of the komodo dragon has three chambers and the one ventricle is able to pump oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor blood at the same time.

The komodo dragon also has a digestive system. This includes a stomach to hold the food. The nutrients that the dragon ingests are absorbed from the small intestine and it goes into the blood.

Dr. Kal Muller


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