Where do Komodo dragons live?

The majority of komodo dragons live on Komodo National Park. This park consists of the Sunda Islands of Rinca, Komodo, Gili, and Padar Islands. There are some some that inhabit the island of Flores (this is not part of Komodo National Park).

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What kind of habitat is it?

The habitat where komodo dragons live is harsh. The islands are volcanic with steep slopes and little water (except for the once a year short-lasting monsoon). The average temperature on the islands is 80°F.

The Komodo dragons are mostly found in the lower regions of the island. They prefer the forest and savannah areas. However, komodo dragons are able to survive in arid deserts.

 Dr. Kal Muller

Other habitat information...

There are around 60 species of Varanus and all are recognized in Africa, Asia, SE Asia, and Australia. Komodo dragons live with all sorts of animals. Some examples of those that they live with include: deer, pigs, and water buffalo.


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