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Domestic pigs were originally developed from the European Wild Boar – Sus scrofa. Early domesticated pigsDomestic Pigs (Personal Picture) lived partially in the wild and partially in a domesticated state. The pigs would roam for food a portion of the time and return to human civilization in the evening. As civilization progresses, these new partially domesticated pigs were traded by swine herdsman. These pigs were excellent hunters for rooted plants and other forms of nutrition because of their highly adapted sense of smell.

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 When human settlements increased and forestland became scarce, farmers began permanently domesticating pigs by keeping them in enclosed pastures. Until recently, pigs were raised for both meat and lard production. Modern breeds of domesticated pigs are almost exclusively bred for meat production.   


Pigs are seldom raised as pets. Domestic Pigs (Personal Picture)These domesticated pigs were selected for by from the wild boar ancestor. The domesticated pigs’ sole purpose is providing useful products to people. Because of this, the natural habitat of Sus scrofa domestica is the common day farm. Domestic pigs of today could likely not survive if they were left to fend for themselves.

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