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  •  New York City's Wall Street, known today for the trading of stocks and bonds, was originally home to herds of free roaming hogs, bred by  colonial farmers. In their desire to limit the forays of the hogs, residents of Manhattan erected a long, permanent wall along the northern edge of what is now known as Lower Manhattan in 1653. A street eventually ran along the inside of this wall and was named of course, "Wall Street".

Other than humans, pigs are the only creatures that will consistently and willingly imbibe alcohol for purposes of scientific study. Domestic Pig Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Denmark has more pigs than people, and bacon is one of its most valuable agricultural exports.


God Vishnu courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsIn Hindu mythology, the god Vishnu turns into a cosmic boar, Varahavatara, in one of his many incarnations.


In the forty million years of existence, most of the pig's evolutionary modification has taken place in the digestive system, due to the change in diet that has helped to keep it alive.


Tantric Buddhists worship Marici, the Diamond Sow.


The word "porcelain" is derived from the Italian, porcella, meaning "young sow".


Piggly Wiggly, founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1916 , was America's first true self -service grocery store. Piggly Wiggly courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The first pig to appear in radio was Spammy, who was debuted on George and Gracie Allen's radio show in 1941 was the "spokespig" for their sponsor SPAM.


In protest of the Vietnam war,  Pegasus  was nominated as the first and only pig to run for President of the United States.

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