Suckling Pigs courtesy of wikipedia.orgDomesticated Pig courtesy of Pig behind fence courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

 Sus scrofa domestica, Domesticated Pig


Welcome Sus scrofa domestica lovers!

Two Sleeping Domestic Pigs courtesy of Wikimedia Commons         Ah, to be a happy pig in mud. Pigs slop in mud not only to get messy. Pigs do not have sweat glands. The cool and refreshing mud helps to lower their body temperature.  

Domestic Pig courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

                        Hi, my name is Danielle Cloutier and I am the creator of this beautiful web site. There is a lot to learn about domestic pigs. I have truly learned a great deal.  Feel free to learn more about this sloppy yet cuddly organism by perusing through  this site.

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