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Famous Pigs:

Miss Piggy Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy began her career as a backup singer on Jim Henson’s Muppet Show.  By the second show Miss Piggy was an important character. She wore a lounge-singer’s dress and sexy high heels.

Calista Hendrickson, the dress designer, wanted to make Miss Piggy much more flamboyant and scandalous than the other characters on the show. Hendrickson was quoted as saying, “In the beginning, when we started doing clothes for Miss Piggy, we wanted her to be sort of frump – a fat person who didn’t dress right. But she had aspirations for a Hollywood career.”

"Never eat more than you can lift" - Miss Piggy

Porky the Pig Porky Pig

Porky pig is a sweet and sensitive specimen of swine. Porky made his first appearance in 1935 in a Warner Bothers animated film called "I Haven’t Got a Hat." The animated film was about small-town school friends. The director of the film, Friz Freleng, said that he based Porky after a chubby childhood friend. Porky soon became Warner Bros. staring animated character. By 1965 Porky had appeared in 163 cartoons.


Although Pumbaa was not a domesticated pig, he is a very influential character in the Disney movie "The Lion King." "The Lion King" was set in the African plains. Pumbaa, along with many other characters, was funny and caring.

Arnold Ziffel

Arnold Ziffel was the star pig on TV’s "Green Acres". His co-stars Eva Gabor and Eddie Arnold could not measure up to Arnold’s sheer talent.

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