Chrysopelea paradisi- The Paradise Tree Snake

Silhouette of a Paradise Tree Snake I made in paint.


Living in the rainforests of Malaysia and deciduous forests of Thailand puts the Paradise Tree snake in contact with many other organisms. In Malaysia, coconut palms are the most prevent tree species and often serve as a good home or hunting spot for C. paradisi.

As a carnivore, C. paradisi comes in contact with various species of prey animals, including bats, lizards, birds, small rodents, and frogs. Although C. paradisi prefers lizard species such as the Tokay gecko or House geckos, the snake will consume whatever it can catch. Lesser sheath-tailed bats are common in areas such as Singapore and their small size (5.5 grams) earns them, a long with other small bat species, a place on the paradise tree snake menu. Bat animation from clipart.

Paradise Tree snakes, because of their prey choice, are considered secondary and tertiary consumers. This is because they feed on either organisms that feed on plant matter (primary consumers) or organisms that feed on the primary consumer. This puts them in a position to act as a type a environmental mediator; making the paradise tree snake is extremely useful in controlling prey populations. On another note, the snake is an important prey species that keeps other species higher up on the food chain healthy.Cat from clipart.

Although not to much is known about what feeds on them, it is theorized that their small size and generally nontoxic venom allows them to be preyed upon by predatory bird species, larger mammals such as monkeys, and even larger snake species, such as the King Cobra. In some cases, when domestic cats have been kept for pets, cats have been known to consume an unlucky snake. The biggest threat to the snake is us. Increased human habitation of this region increases pollution and deforestation, killing off the habit C. paradisi calls home. Thanks to human pressure, the snake is rare in some areas of its natural range.


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