Chrysopelea paradisi- The Paradise Tree Snake

Silhouette of a Paradise Tree Snake I made in paint.

The game of love...Snake Style

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Very little is actually known about Chrysopelea paradisi reproduction. What is known is that they are oviparous (egg layers) and the males of the species, like all other species of snakes and lizards, reproduce using a bi-lobed reproductive structure known as hemipenes. The hemipenes reside in the cloacal vent, or the posterior opening for the intestines, urinary tract and genitals, of the male snake and are stored in the snakes tail. During copulation, the males hemipenes are inserted into the cloacal vent of the female where the male then deposits his sperm to fertilize the females eggs. This particular species can lay anywhere from 5-11Image located at eggs in a single clutch of eggs. The gestation period of the species is not known. Like the offspring's parents the young that emerge are very brightly colored and can range from 15-20 cm in length.










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