All about me...well...maybe not everything


Hello Everyone.  Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my site!  I hope it was of great use to you and you learned a little bit while browsing through the pages. 


My name is Jason Meinhardt, and I am a freshman attending the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. However, my hometown is Wausau, Wisconsin. I made this website as an assignment for Organismal Biology. I am a Biochemistry major and a Biology major with a Cellular and Molecular emphasis.  Like most freshman, though, this is up in the air. My main goal for perusing the science field, apart from the enjoyment, is to someday become a dentist. 

Tooth (Image from Microsoft Clip Art)
To learn more about what causes tooth decay, check out a multipleorganisms webpage about Streptococcus mutans by clicking here.




I also have a huge passion for jazz music.  I currently play trumpet in Jazz I here at UW - La Crosse through the jazz studies program.  I am strongly considering taking classes to become a music minor so that my love for music never gets completely hidden by my science courses.  In my free time, I also enjoy going out to the tennis courts and hitting around.


Playing Tennis (User Photo)Jason and trumpet (User Photo)
















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