They're Everywhere!

  Earlier this year (2009) there was a large bacterial outbreak within the peanut industry.  This actually brought Salmonella to my attention which got me started with this project.  More than 400 peanut products were recalled after 500 people became sick and six people died throughout 43 states.  The source of contamination was traced to the Peanut Corporation of America which is located in Georgia. 

 ~ Click here to see a selected video about this outbreak that was created
     by the Associated Press.

 Peanuts (Image by EuroMagic)


      So much for first class air flight.  In 1984, there were 186 passengers documented to have been infected with salmonellosis through eating food ordered from the FIRST CLASS MENU!

Airplane (Image from Microsoft Clip Art)


      In the summer of 1985, Salmonella enteritidis was isolated from employees and customers in Maryland after eating scrambled eggs served in the breakfast bar.  Three restaurants in this chain were found to contain traces of S. enteritidis.  At one restaurant alone there were 71 illnesses, 17 of which required hospitalization.  

 Breakfast (Image from Microsoft Clip Art)


      In 1993 during a hospital party in Florida, 14 people contracted Salmonella while eating homemade ice cream.  This particular recipe contained 6 raw eggs.  To learn more about this particular incident, click here.

  Tasty ice cream (Photo by JC.Westbrook)


How do I prevent myself from Salmonella?