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   Bacteria is boring.  Who cares about Salmonella anyway? 

WRONG!!!  To answer this common misconception, I made an original Salmonella music video with the help of a few musician friends.  Hopefully this video will hook you to keep browsing through my site, thus gaining an enriched appreciation for this particular bacteria.




How does Salmonella affect us?

Cookie dough (Image by ginnerobot)
As a young child, did your mother ever scold you for eating delicious unbaked cookie dough?  Besides the fact that she probably wanted enough dough to be left to bake the actual cookies, she is also preventing you from eating raw eggs which can transmit a bacteria strain called Salmonella.
So thank your mom next time you see her.

Picture of little Jason in 1997 (user photo)





Growing up, I was often told to wash my hands after handling my pet turtles.  Again, these bacteria strains are often prevalent in reptiles and can be found in their feces as well as on the outside of their shells. 










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