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  Hi, my name is Samantha Schemberger and I am a senior at University of Wisconsin La Crosse.  I am majoring in Early Adolescence-Adolescence Education, Broad-field Science, and a minor in Chemistry.  My goal is to become a high school Science teacher.  This webpage was designed for an organismal biology course here at UW La Crosse.

  I like long walks on the beach...well not really, I have never been on a long walk on the beach so I do not know if I like them.  I do enjoy science.  Many of my friends call me a chemistry nerd.  I also enjoy being outside, mostly in the summer when it is warm, but I do enjoy downhill skiing. 

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  I think my family are the best people in the world .  They have helped me become who I am today. I have two sisters, Cassy and Andi, who are also my best friends. 

  College has been a wonderful experience and I have met many amazing people.  My friends are kind of crazy, but that is what makes them my friends. 

  I will be graduating in December 2010 from UWL with my degree and have to enter the "real world."   While this may seem scary, I am ready for new challenges.Image from Samantha Schemberger

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