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Domain - Eukarya: have eukaryotic cells, membrane bound organelles, multicellular, cell division by mitosis, contain rRNA that is unique to the Eukarya.

Kingdom – Plantae (plant): multicellular, have cell walls, obtain nutrients via photosynthesis.  Sour cherry is in the same kingdom as the giant red wood tree

Phylum – Magnoliophyta: distinctive flower, seed enclosed in ovary.  Others in this phylum include corn.

Class – Magnoliopsida: dicotyledons (have two cotyledons).  Sour cherry is in the same class as a cranberry.

Order – Rosales: reduction in endosperm, hypanthium (nectar-producing), 13 families, similar molecular characters, analyses of rbc L sequences.

Family – Rosaceae (the rose family): stamens 10 to numerous, petals flat to slightly cupped, not enclosed stamens at anthesis, monophyletic, analysis of rbc L sequences, also includes the rose.

Genus – Prunus: includes plums, apricots, peaches, and almonds.

SpeciesPrunus cerasus: ancestor of Morello cherries.

Phylogenetic Trees:

Tree based on morphological and gene sequencing.

Image created by Samantha Schemberger

Species Tree:
There are 61 different species of genus Prunus, here are a few of them (morphological and gene sequenced).

                     Image created by Samantha Schemberger

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