Interactions with other species

  Prunus cerasus
has parasitic fungus that feeds on it.  This fungus is called Apiosporina morbosumA. morbosum girdles limbs and stunts the plant's growth.  Symptoms of this are hard, black, swelling on branches which result from infections that occurred one or more years ago.  This fungus is spread by it spores via wind and rain.  To control Apiosporina morbosum, all knots must be removed by April 1st and burnt. 

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  Small mammals and terrestrial birds use sour cherries for food and also shelter.  After consumption and digestion, animals can spread the seeds of sour cherries through their waste.

Humans: Humans use sour cherries for a variety of yummy things.  They are used for:

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or just sweeten them up with a little sugar



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Cherry wood can also be used in furniture and cabinets.





  Cherokee Native Americans use parts of the Prunus cerasus plant as medicine.  An infusion of bark is used for cold remedies, root bark is used in a wash as a dermatological aid and the fruit is boiled for a gastrointestinal aid.

Warrant even made a song out of cherry pie.  Check out their music video on youtube.

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