Interesting Facts

Did you know in the tropics of the Americas the army ants of the genus Eciton are used medically to heal cuts? The ants possess large, sharp, tong shaped mandibles that can be used to stitch together open wounds. To do this individuals collect the soldier ants and hold the wound together while allowing the ant to latch on to the wound. Once the ant has attached itself to the wound, pinching the opening together, the body is snapped off. The head and mandibles of the ant will stay stuck in the flesh for sometime, acting as stitching for the wound until it is healed.

Did you know E. hamatum workers may live for several months, but queens may live for up to several years?

Did you know that E. hamatum is a purely carnivorous species of ant?

Did you know that E. hamatum never builds a permanent home? Colonies group together to form above ground nests nests of clustered ants call bivouacs that protect the brood and queen from predators. 

Did you know that a queen E. hamatum army ant can lay up to 2.4 million eggs per year?

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