Habitat and Geography

Where does the Organism Live?
Eciton hamatum is found living from Central Mexico throughout Central America into Argentina and down into Brazil. 

Other kinds of organisms in this Area
Ants of the genera Cheliomyrmex, Labidus, Nomamyrmex, and Neivamyrmex live in the same region as the Eciton hamatum, Eciton burchelli, and other members of Eciton.

Why they live where they do
The reason that the army ants generally live in the area specified without much deviation is because of the climate and the habitat present. The climate that they have adapted for is very specific and very crucial to their survival. During the growth of ants the temperature plays a large role in determining whether or not the development will be correctly completed. If the army ants did not live with these warm, humid climates the ants development could not be completed correctly and the colony would have high mortality rates and at the far south in the cold winters, the cold kill them directly. The second reason these ants live where they do is because they need a forested area to live in. The forest provides many different sources of food for the high nutritional demands that the colony has, therefore ants cannot migrate further north since upper Mexico is largely desert.

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