Fun Facts

  • The slow loris is one of the rarest primates. Their closest relative is the African bushbabies.

  • Slow lorises may be slow, but they can travel around 8 kilometers in one night. That's a long distance for such a slow mammal!

  • Muscles on a Nycticebus species allow them to remain still for hours at a time.

  • The movement of a slow loris is snakelike. This is because a slow loris has more spinal vertebra than other primates.

  • The second finger on a slow loris is smaller than the rest for gripping purposes.

  • Out of all the primates, Nycticebus coucang has the longest tongue. This tongue is used to drink nectar.

  • The home range of a slow loris can be as large as 3200 square meters, about 2 square miles! They also can have as many as 60 different sleeping sites that they use!

  • In parts of Asia, the slow loris is believed to be able to cure over 100 diseases!

  • Compared to other nocturnal creatures, a slow loris has one of the slowest rates of development.

  • All Nycticebus species have a light reflecting layer in their eyes called tapetum lucidum. Animals like cats have this! Their eyes are the largest of all the other primates and are the most forward facing. A slow loris has the ability to see in close to complete darkness.


Video of a slow loris being tickled:  

Cute video of a slow loris eating a rice ball:


Make a paper craft slow loris!!!!!
By downloading the pattern from Creative Park and following the instructions, you can make a cute slow loris!



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