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Nycticebus coucang

The slow loris


Nycticebus coucang is one of the most interesting primates that there is. Also known as the slow loris, this creature is nocturnal, solitary, and is the only venomous primate that exists.




The common name for Nycticebus coucang is slow loris. This animal is referred to as a slow loris because it is an extremely slow moving arboreal creature. These solitary creatures occupy dense forests from southeastern Asia all the way to Indonesia (see Habitat). Slow lorises are nocturnal; during the day they sleep rolled up in a ball, covered in leaves and hidden from dangers, then at night, using scare tactics and venom to help ward off predators, they search for food. They live in the trees, rarely coming to the ground, and move by crawling and climbing at an extremely sluggish rate. Their fur can be gray, brown, or white varying with their geographic location. A white stripe runs down the length of their nose and large rings surround their huge eyes making them appear bigger to help scare attackers. Although they have big eyes, their vision is quite poor and they mostly rely on their hearing and smelling. A slow loris is generally about 10.4 to 15.0 inches in length and weighs between 8.1 and 21.5 ounces. To greet each other, Nycticebus coucang uses a whistle sound or a low-pitched note, but when distressed, they make low hissing sounds.



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