Bacillus cereus-Date destroyer

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Welcome to the home of the website dedicated to the bacteria Bacillus cereus!Defending food
This little microscopic organism is man's worst nightmare on a date. Say a guy catches a glance of an extremely pretty girl and finds the courage to ask her out on a date, she miraculously says yes, but, being that this guy is cheap, he chooses to take her to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Smooth. In spite of the disastrous site for the date, the kind lady is happy to see him and excited for their date. Once at the restaurant, his smooth talking and funny jokes seem to make the girl completely forget where he has taken her on a date. The date goes well, they eat plenty of rice based foods, laugh at each others jokes, smile and gaze into each others eyes occasionally, and even mention a second date. Not bad for a cheap guy. After dinner they decide to go for a walk. The walk makes him feel like him and her are the only two organisms on the planet, if only that were true. About an hour into their walk, he starts to feel his stomach trembling... Whoa! Hello Bacillus cereus! Next thing the guy knows, he is over the trash can vomiting horribly out of control. The lady friend helps him out until he gets home, and then never returns his call. 

 Interested yet!? Had an experience similar to that? If not, maybe the effects of Bacillus cereus in about 6-15 hours later on the man will be of interest to you: diarrhea! Feel free to roam around the website and learn more about this relationship ending bacteria.

Bacillus cereus

My name is Jacob Salaba, I am an undergraduate student majoring in biology with a biomedical science concentration at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. It was at UW-La Crosse where I had the privilege to take an Organismal Biology course where I learned about many small organisms, such as E.coli, that could potentially cause harm to humans, sometimes even death. In Organismal biology I chose to make this website on B.cereus. Through many helpful references, I was able to attain information such as classification, habitat, adaption, nutritionreproduction, interactions with other organisms, and some interesting facts on B.cereus (even some pictures).

Continue on with your quest to gain knowledge on B.cereus! I recommend starting with classification!  

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