Aquilegia Vulgaris may look very familiar, this is because Columbine is a popular flowering plant to use in gardens. Many people enjoy their bright colors and unique flower structure. This plant, though used in gardens is very hardy and can withstand many different environments, especially colder environments. It is susceptible to frost but it is known to grow in environments that get to -30 degrees Celsius. 

When gardening Columbine the plant thrives most in semi shaded areas but is able to flourish in sunny environments as well. The ideal soil for this plant is moist soil such as peat or calcareous soils. It will not grow in very dense conditions such as clay. Columbine is very hardy and is very apt to hybridize with other plants of its genus.

Columbine can also be found in the wild. Regions where it grows in the world are in northern regions with temperate or alpine environments. Some countries that host this plant are southern and central Europe, N. Africa, China, and all across the United States. ©Σ64, wikimediacommons
Types of areas in nature one would likely find a Columbine would be stream banks, broad leaved forests with room for sunlight, and hedgerows.

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