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    My name is Derek Schmidtke and I am currently an undergraduate for the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. I am a Biology major with a Biomedical emphasis currently on the pre-professional track, pre-med. My childhood was spent in Madison, Wisconsin and I enjoy traveling back home to visit my family. I was adopted from South Korea and am interested in learning about Korean culture as a hobby.

            This page was created for my 203 biology course, you can view other web pages created for this class at Multiple Organisms  I chose Columbine as an organism because the columbine is a plant that is very familiar to the general public. Many people in fact have them in their gardens for their unique flowering shape and bright appealing colors but most people do not know the poisonous side affects of these plants. I found this to be very interesting and after reviewing this web page I hope you share my enthusiasm.
Thank you for viewing my page!
    If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

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