About the Author

Hello there! Thank you for visiting my webpage and I hope you have enjoyed learning about Squilla mantis as much as I did! My name is Alan Chan and I’m currently a student at University of Wisconsin- La-Crosse. I am a junior and my field of study is Biomedical. I hope in the future that I would get into a physical therapy graduate school after graduating from UW-La-Crosse.  When I do have free time I like to hang out with friends and relax. I also enjoy weightlifting, nature walks, and playing sports.

This research was done for one my classes at UW-La-Crosse, Organismal Biology 203. I picked the specie Squilla mantis because over my lifetime I have visited China about 5-6 times; my most recent visit was this year during my Christmas break of December 2011. Each time I visit, my family members overseas would make a bunch of delicious seafood. The most interesting one that I haven’t seen in America was the “shrimp” like creature, which I later found out was Squilla mantis. This was perfect for this research project because one requirement for choosing our topic was that it needs to be edible. And once again, I hope you all have enjoyed and gained knowledge from this webpage! Godspeed!

Feel free to contact me anytime at Chan.alan@uwlax.edu