Preparing and cooking Squilla mantis!

The two ways to prepare Squilla mantis is very simple. Peel the exoskeleton off of the shrimp and just collect the meat. Or you could leave the exoskeleton on and peel it after it has been cooked.

Peeling the exoskeleton could be a hard task due to some parts of the skeleton are sharp and could cut your finger. The two ways I've seen the peeling done is 1.) peel it like you would as it was a shrimp or 2.) insert your fork (utensil) along the ventral side and lift up on the utensil along the body to open up the cavity to reach the meat.

There are many ways to cook the mantis shrimp. What my family usually do is just boil the whole shrimp with its exoskeleton on it in water with salt. Then we could dip it into a sauce that my mom and Grandma would make along with it. Other ways is to cook it with vegetables like peppers, onions, and garlic. You could also impale the whole shrimp just like kabobs and grill them.


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