Don't mess with the Shrimp! 

Due to Squilla mantis's voracious predation, it doesn't like to interact with other organisms or its own kind, unless it is for feeding or mating. They are very protective over their burrows and won't let anything near it. They will attack organisms that are much more larger than itself.

You can find all sorts of crabs, sea cucumbers, prawns, small squid and many other organisms living in the same community as Squilla mantis.


You can find that predation on Squilla mantis is not hard for organisms that are much more larger than itself. Many organisms can prey on Squilla mantis, anything from large fish, other crustaceans that happens to defeat Squilla mantis, rays, octopus, and also humans! Squilla mantis shrimps are fished  regularly and are distributed throughout the European countries.

"Fastest Claws of the West" Part II. In this video it shows how Squilla mantis interacts with other organisms.

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