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Squilla mantis are found around the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It tends to live in warm habitats. They are found in depths  around the depths of 100-200 meters around muddy or sandy substrates. In the muddy or sandy substrate, the Squilla mantis digs a burrow in the shape of an U.

Other places that you can find Squilla mantis are areas of the Adriatic Sea, Atlantic Ocean by the Gulf of Cadiz, Canary Islands, and as well as areas around Madeira.

File:Mediterranean Sea political map-en.svg

Some environmental tendencies that Squilla mantis lives in are as followed:

(These data were gathered from areas where Squilla mantis are commonly found but does not include all areas)

-Nitrate concentration in the water- 1-15 umol/L          
-Salinity- 35-38 PPS          
-Oxygen concentration in the water- 2-5 umol/L         
-Phosphate concentration in the water - .09-1 umol/L           
-Temperature ranged from 14-24 degrees Celsius

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This map above shows the regions of where Squilla mantis can be found highlighted by red dots.    

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