Welcome to the "Mantis Shrimp"!

Most of you probably haven't heard of or seen a Squilla mantis before, but hopefully after you have visited this webpage you'll have gained an appreciation for this species and carry on the knowledge that you have learned. This webpage gives you an overall description of Squilla mantis from how it is classified to reproduction of Squilla mantis and also ways it is prepared as  cuisines. Hope you enjoy the rest of the webpage!

                                             Squilla mantis   
                                              Domain: Eukarya
                                              Kingdom: Animalia
                                              Phylum: Arthropoda
                                              Class: Malacostraca
                                              Order: Stomatopod
                                              Family: Squillidae
                                              Genus: Squilla
                                              Species: Squilla mantis

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