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 Genomics Exercise

There are three parts to this assignment.

 1.  Use electronic PCR to identify STS on large segments of human genomic DNA.
 2.  Use these STS to generate a map of this region of the genome
 3.  Combine overlapping segments to form a contig


 Above are links to four segments of human genomic DNA .

 Open each page individually.  Select and copy the DNA sequence on that page.

Electronic PCR select "New Version".

 Paste the DNA sequence into the box and select "Submit Query".

 Record the names and positions of the STS markers found on each segment of DNA.

      Did all of the segments of DNA contain and STS?
      Did some STS appear on more than one segment of DNA?

 PART 2.

 Once you have used the electronic PCR program to identify the STSs present on each segment of DNA, look for common STS present on different segments.

 Use the position of these STSs to draw a map of each segment of DNA.

      Did any of the DNA segments overlap with each other?
      Did all of the DNA segments overlap with each other?

 PART 3.

Combine any overlapping segments into a contig.

This can be done using a sequence editor if you have one on your computer.  If not you can use a word processing program as a sequence editor.


    Why did we need to delete the region of segment 2 that overlapped with segment 1 before combining the two segments?

    What would have happened if we had not removed this region.


Follow-up Exercise

Use the intron/exon splice site identification program to look for the presence of any genes in this contig.


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